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In the production of panel furniture, the full automatic CNC nesting machine is necessary, thus, how to choose a right panel furniture production line?

 Dec 26, 2015    856 (2 Min Read)

How to choose a suitable panel furniture production line

Panel furniture production line type is varied, different manufacturers of furniture production line in quality is also a gap, so in the purchase of panel furniture production line is not only the choice of panel furniture production line type, but also panel furniture production line quality judgment. Specific purchase skills can be divided into the following points.

1. From the simple introduction of the manufacturers get certain knowledge, from manufacturers of machine performance, specifications, product parameters, operation method, price, after-sales service, such as for the preliminary judgment, see edge banding machine meets the production needs.

2. It is panel furniture production line in good condition, mainly edge banding machine parts is good, accessories are complete, from the simple operation to see its bond and operation complexity.

3. Test the machine running, see the main axis of the operation is smooth and the noise of the size, power line, etc.

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