Acrylic Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

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You will understand how does CO2 laser cutter engrave & cut acrylic in the video, which has many models for option, like STJ9060, STJ1390, STJ1610, STJ1325​.
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 Jan 18, 2016  Sep 01, 2021  STYLECNC  913

Acrylic Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

Acrylic laser cutter is a tool that can be used to cut, mark and/or engrave into various types of acrylic. 

Acrylic laser cutter can only burn into or through acrylic. Also, the beam can only be made to follow straight or curved paths or to burn a grid of dots (a bitmap image). There is no way for the laser to represent color. The laser can only cut through certain acrylic. Otherwise, it can only etch the surface of the acrylic.

For the acrylic that the laser can cut, the laser can be adjusted for power and speed to determine how far into the material the engraving or marking will go. Engraving deeply into the acrylic can be done for a certain effect if desired. There’s no point to engraving all the way through the acrylic because it’s slower than cutting through using paths.

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