Laser Acrylic Cutting Machine with Dual Heads

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Laser acrylic cutting machine with dual heads is widely used for engraving & cutting acrylic, plastic, wood, fabric, rubber, and other non-metal materials.
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Laser Acrylic Cutting Machine with Dual Heads

Acrylic laser cutting machines generally have restrictions on the thickness of materials. In a broad sense, the power of the laser tube determines the thickness of the processed materials. Sometimes, customers need to add paper or add film to cut, and the wind should not be too small at this time, otherwise it will catch fire. When cutting acrylic, the speed and light intensity must be well matched. The slower the speed, the better the smoothness. Acrylic above 15mm is best to use a high-power laser. When acrylic engraving, use a leaking air jet cup. Try not to engrave too deep. It is difficult to achieve the flatness of the bottom when engraving is too deep. The greater the gas, the effect of the engraving edge will be affected. The engraving should be finer and clearer, and it should not be too deep and stingy.

Acrylic laser cutting machine with dual laser cutting heads is widely used in wood, fabric, bamboo, rubber, stone, and other non-metal materials engraving and cutting.

In general, it adopts one low power tube, such as 60W, 80W for engraving and the other high power, such as 100W,130W or 150W for cutting.

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