STJ9060 Laser Gasket Cutting Machine for Small Business

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STJ9060 gasket laser cutting machine is a professional CNC gasket cutting system to cut silicone & rubber gaskets for small business with precision results.
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 Nov 24, 2015  Mar 10, 2022  STYLECNC  943

STJ9060 Laser Gasket Cutting Machine for Small Business

Silicone gaskets and rubber gaskets are widely used in all walks of life, such as the electronics industry, medical industry, furniture industry, etc. In the application process, it needs to be cut and cut to meet different application scenarios. Today, STYLECNC introduces a special equipment for cutting silicone gaskets and rubber gaskets - laser gasket cutting machine.

Gasket laser cutting machine, also known as carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, is a fast and efficient silica gel and rubber cutting equipment, which can import the required shape into the computer, and the software controls the laser machine to cut quickly, suitable for various complex graphics special-shaped cutting, convenient and flexible . The laser gasket cutting machine is a device that uses a high-energy laser beam to cut gaskets, which can perform precise cutting and cutting, with low defective rate, suitable for mass production. The edges of the laser-cut gaskets are smooth and burr-free, with beautiful effects and high cleanliness.

Gasket laser cutting machine adopts non-contact laser cutting method, which has no mechanical stress on the surface of the product, high-efficiency cutting, and can be suitable for cutting various non-metallic materials, such as: plastic, rubber, silicone, cloth, acrylic, etc., the effect is beautiful, There will be no yellow edge phenomenon.

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