Laser Engraving Memorial Photo on Granite & Marble

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Laser engraving machine for memorial photo with 80W CO2 laser tube can make fine photos etching on marble, granite. This CO2 laser engraver with double working table so as to cut some nonmetal materials.
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Laser Engraving Memorial Photo on Granite & Marble

Laser stone engraving machine generally adopts an open mobile worktable, which is convenient for processing, and the engraving format is not limited. It can accurately splice and engrave graphics, and can produce large-format graphics without considering the weight of the object. The engraving frame can be adjusted up and down. , Which can meet the requirements of carving objects with different thicknesses.

Memorial photo laser engraving machine is available for etching on marble, granite, glass, crystal. It can also cut nonmetal materials, such as acrylic, color plates, ABS board, rubber, plastic, leather, wool, crystal or glass, etc.

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