High Performance CNC Wood Lathe for Stair Baluster Turning

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Are you looking for a self-service woodworking tool to personalize stair balusters? Here is a CNC wood lathe that can help you automate stair railing turning.
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 Nov 07, 2023  Claire  171

High Performance CNC Wood Lathe for Stair Baluster Turning

The most common stair balusters are usually made of black walnut, rubber wood, terminalia, ash, beech, rosewood, red oak, red cherry, and cassava.

In the initial stage, stair balusters were carved and cut by carpenters by hand. With the development of machine tool technology, lathes appeared in the woodworking market, and gradually developed from rudimentary manual lathes to today's fully automatic CNC wood lathes, which drives the making of stair railings to be easier and enables industrial mass manufacturing.

STYLECNC's CNC woodworking lathes have been upgraded from single-axis models to a multi-axis types, which can turn multiple stair balusters at one time, ensuring product quality while increasing production efficiency.

Single Axis Lathes

Double Axis Lathes

Three Axis Lathes

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