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Looking for an automatic digital cutting machine for graphite, rubber, glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, boron fiber, asbestos fiber, silicon carbide fiber, whisker and other composite materials? Review this CNC digital knife cutter for sale at cost price.

 Dec 06, 2022    214 (2 Min Read)

What Is Composite Materials?

Composite material is a material composed of two or more different substances in different ways, which is a new type of material that people use advanced material preparation technology to optimize the combination of material components with different properties. It can give full play to the advantages of various materials, overcome the defects of a single material, and expand the application range of materials. Composite materials are widely used in aerospace, automobiles, electronics, construction, fitness equipment and other fields due to their convenient processing and molding and excellent elasticity.

Automatic Digital Cutting Machine for Composite Materials

What Composite Materials Can An Automatic Digital Cutting Machine Cut?

An automatic digital cutting machine can cut rubber, graphite, glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron fiber, aramid fiber, silicon carbide fiber, asbestos fiber, whisker and other composite materials.

At the same time, how to optimize the cutting quality of complex and expensive composite materials to achieve high-precision cutting quality, all enterprises are constantly seeking solutions.

What Is Automatic Composite Cutting Machine?

In order to ensure the performance and profitability of different industries, and to maximize the profitability of cutting equipment manufacturers, STYLECNC has designed a new type of automatic digital cutter that targets various composite materials in the fields of defense industry, aerospace, ships, automotive lightweight and high-end sporting goods, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, asbestos fiber. This type of digital cutter provides high-quality cutting solutions for intelligence and production in the composite material industry.

STYLECNC's composite cutter is a type of dieless cutting system that subverts the operation method of the traditional cutting tool, without a die (mold for forming objects), intelligently uploads CAD cutting drawings, the cutting speed reaches 2500mm/s, ±0.1mm high cutting precision, smooth and flat cutting edges, no blind spots on the entire table, realizing a high-speed, stable, precise and efficient cutting method.

STYLECNC's composite cutting machine is equipped with diversified knives, satisfying the cutting of different composite materials. It has achieved the transition from manual production mode to high-yield, high-efficiency, high-quality advanced production mode for customers.

CNC Oscillating Knife Cutter

The one that suits you is the best. STYLECNC puts all its minds on every detail and provides you with exclusive composite material cutting solutions.

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