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The customer from Vietnam ordered 2 sets of ATC CNC milling machines with automatic tool changer for aluminum mold making and metal fabrication, which is STYLECNC self-developed ST6060C ATC CNC mill machine for metal with high speed, high quality, high efficiency, and high precision.

   May 29, 2023    545 (2 Min Read)

The CNC mill is a kind of multi-functional CNC machine, which is similar to the ordinary numerical controlled machine tool, the CNC mill realizes the milling process automatiically through that the CNC programming controls the mill movement according to processing procedure code. CNC milling is a machining method that automatically controls machinery through computer numberical controlled. With the requirements for the shape and accuracy of metal parts. Traditional machining equipment and manufacturing methods are difficult to meet, and CNC milling machine can effectively solve the problem with complex structure, precision, and small batches of variable metal parts. CNC mills are widely used in metal parts fabrication, metal mold making, and 2D/3D metal milling. In production, the value produced by CNC metal fabrication is much greater than the value of the metal itself. In the process of metal parts manufacturing, the use of CNC milling machine can not only ensure the accuracy of the metalworking, but also facilitate the efficient and convenient design and processing of the metal parts. Therefore, CNC mill plays an important role in metal fabrications.

This CNC milling machine is suitable to make molds and other milling works, such as metal molds, drop molds, clock parts, red copper electrodes, shoe molds, arts and crafts, jade products, dental crown milling, Jewelry and other molding works, etc. It’s easy for this machine to produce 2D or 3D relieves on various materials. It’s very suitable for batch processing of clocks, glasses and fine mold making.

CNC Mill

License: The text of "CNC Milling Machine with Tool Changer for Metal in Vietnam" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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