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STJ-50F 50W fiber laser marking machine with CCD camera and cyclops system in USA will show the marking location on computer for deep engraving.

   May 25, 2022    1125 (2 Min Read)

STJ-50F Deep Laser Engraving Machine with CCD Camera in USA

Laser deep engraving machine and laser shallow engraving machine are essentially fiber laser marking machines. The working principle is to use high-energy laser beams to penetrate the surface of the material, so that it evaporates and exposes the deep material, from displaying exquisite patterns and texts, Has a clear and permanent character.

The fiber laser engraver has a deep focusing ability, so it can realize deep engraving, and is generally used for engraving molds, seals, etc. The engraving depth is related to factors such as the absorption of the laser by the engraved material, the power of the laser, and the action time of the laser on the engraved material. Deep carving usually requires a longer action time.

The laser shallow engraver is also a commonly used laser marking system. Compared with the deep laser engraver, it does not require a deep focus. It is used for the engraving of company logos, food packaging identification codes, and various complex patterns on the surface of various metal and non-metal materials. The depth of engraving is automatically adjusted by the software.

Whether it is a laser deep engraving system or a laser shallow engraving system, it can well make up for the shortcomings of traditional processing methods. It adopts a non-contact processing method, and the marking is clear and long-term, the processing speed is fast, the precision is high, and the materials are widely used. A must-have soft machining tool for all walks of life today.

Details of STJ-50F Deep Laser Engraving Machine with CCD Camera

CCD camera


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