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Model - STL0525


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Find & buy a hobby CNC wood lathe machine for automatically turning wooden bowls, rolling pins, vases, holders, cups, beads, plates, pens, bracelets, handles.

Product Overview

Hobby CNC Wood Lathe Machine for Bowls, Plates, Vases, Cups

Product Details

In our daily lives, we are often amazed by the various styles of personalized wooden bowls, plates, vases and cups made of cherry, beech, silver birch, sweet chestnut, ash, black walnut, maple or bamboo. While marveling at the skills of the craftsmen, do you also suspect that these woodworking projects were machine-made? In fact, most wood turning on the market is done by lathes. Well, what type of lathe can do these turns? In practice, both manual lathes and CNC lathes can get these jobs done. Today we introduce to you this automatic wood lathe with CNC controller designed for woodworking enthusiasts. You're bound to learn something here and start turning your next bowl or vase - maybe your first try.

Features of Hobby CNC Wood Lathe Machine for Bowls, Plates, Vases, Cups

• Horizontal flat bed structure design.

• Precision ball screws and linear guides.

• X/Z axis adopts stepper drive.

• Spindle drive with frequency conversion and stepless speed regulation.

• Dual turret design enables rough turning and finishing turning at one time.

• CNC controller is easy to use, simple to operate and user friendly.

• Compatible with various CAD/CAM software.

• Turning length and diameter are optional for different woodworking needs.

Technical Parameters of Hobby CNC Wood Lathe Machine for Bowls, Plates, Vases, Cups

Max Turning Length500mm, optional 900mm
Max Turning Diameter250mm
Hole Size45mm
ControllerCNC controller
Max Turning Precision0.01mm
DrillingAutomatic (Turning Thimble for Option)
Operating SystemLCD Touch Screen Interface
File FormatDXF
TransmissionTBI Ball Screw Guider, HIWIN Square Rail
DrivingStep Motor and Driver
Turning ToolsHSS/Carbide Blades and Drillers
Motor Power1500 Watts
Voltage220V/380V Single Phase, 50HZ
Packing Size1300mm x 850mm x 1000mm
Gross Weight360KGS

Automatic Wood Bowl & Plate & Vase & Cup Turning Lathe Applications

STL0525 wood lathe is used for turning wooden bowls, rolling pins, vases, drawer pulls, candle holders, magic wands, chess pieces, trivets, keepsake boxes, egg cups, beads, barrels, round boxes, drumsticks, wooden plates, wine cups, succulent planters, spurtles, christmas ornaments, salt and pepper shakers or mills, goblets, lamps, pens, bottle stoppers, lidded boxes, honey dippers, spatulas, spoons, ice cream scoops, gourd pendants, Buddha heads, magnifying glasses, mortars and pestles, antique pepper mills, furniture legs, bracelets, bangles, wooden toys, and handles for anything and everything.

Hobby CNC Lathe Machine Turning Wooden Bowl, Plate, Vase and Cup Projects

Automrtic Wooden Bowls Turning Projects

CNC Wood Bowls & Plates Turning Projects

CNC Lathe Turning Wooden Bowls & Vases & Cups & Plates, Beads


What is a bowl turning lathe?

A bowl turning lathe is a popular woodworking tool used to shape hard wood blanks into designed bowls with complex curves. A wooden bowl turning is the moment a lathe meet artistry.

How does a CNC lathe turn a bowl?

A CNC wood lathe uses a computer to control a turner to turn a wooden block and create a shaped bowl with turning tools. It is different from most of automatic woodworking forms in that the work piece is moving while a stationary blade is used to cut and shape it.

How much does a bowl lathe cost?

The average cost of owning a wood bowl lathe is $5,720. An entry-level bowl turning machine starts at around $4,780, while a professional CNC bowl turning lathe is priced as high as $6,960.

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5 out of 5

Mi primer torno para madera, muy contento con él. Realmente no necesita una cama larga si es nuevo en el torneado de madera y, si la necesita, este modelo ofrece una opción de extensión. Todo salió según lo previsto por los creadores. STYLECNC hizo un gran trabajo de entrega y un gran trabajo de fabricación y embalaje. Instrucciones sencillas listas para usar. En general, vale la pena el dinero.

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