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When you are using a wooden door CNC router machine, there will be noise, how to reduce noises, let's start to learn the following solutions.

   May 29, 2023    645 (2 Min Read)

Wooden door CNC router in normal operation state, except the machine body produced some noise, the machine in certain machining frequency will also make some noise. Sometimes the noise will affect the machine to use, it needs timely treatment. So we must separate what noise is harmful? and what kind of noise is harmless?

Wooden door cnc router noise solutions

When you operate a wooden door CNC router, the motor will have a pause in each step, so the noise is a normal phenomenon:

1. The spindle motor operating at the time of the issue of abnormal noise.

This kind of noise generation, it is proved that the wooden door CNC router spindle bearing quality problems or the life of the main shaft bearing has arrived, or wear and tear down the quality or damage, this time can be considered to replace.

2. The axial direction of the abnormal noise emitted.

This kind of phenomenon exists in the X axis, for wooden door CNC router, most of them are lack of lubrication oil axial electromechanical bearing damage or X axis guide rail, is too dirty, too tight, the ball wear, ball drop. For this kind of phenomenon, be sure to promptly stop operation and processed immediately.

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