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What is a high quality wood CNC machine? STYLECNC will take you to learn the key points to determine a high quality CNC woodworking machine.

   Apr 26, 2019    707 (2 Min Read)

Wood CNC Machine

The following aspects are the key points for a high quality wood CNC machine:

1. The intensity

The main factors affecting the intensity is the spindle motor power, general power is 3KW or more will be perfect, the CNC tool can be clamped to 12.7mm.

The parts configuration also affects the intensity of the wood CNC machine. 

2. Working speed

Taking into account the life of the machine, we need to pay attention to  the processing efficiency. In the efforts to achieve the premise, it can be more quickly. 

3. Accuracy

Regardless of engraving and cutting must work long hours to achieve a good position, and engraving sleek straight.

4. Full-featured function

Vacuum: the traditional CNC router machine should use to fix the plate, inevitably resulting sheet can not be fully utilized, or utilized operating troubles. STYLECNC vacuum suction machine to engrave the plates fixed to the table top work area is divided into six panels of different sizes can be processed.

Dust cleaning : CNC wood machine is taken into account in the process of carving wood dust four environmental impact of flying, so add vacuuming to solve the problem .

Energy: Energy loss from the biggest spindle motor, the traditional need to manually control the spindle motor, it is inevitable if you forgot to shut the spindle after carving, resulting in energy waste and safety hazards. And CNC wood machine stopped working after the machine spindle automatic stop turning.

Offline: In considering the surrounding environment and convenience with a new control system, the computer can be used with CNC wood machine completely without computer and simple operation, strong compatibility.

License: The text of "What is A High Quality Wood CNC Machine?" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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