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The price of a CNC wood router is determined by several factors, including machine parts, accessories, service, brand, manufacturer, and shipping cost.

   Apr 27, 2019    691 (2 Min Read)

There are a lot of customer asked why our CNC wood router same configuration price gap so big? On this issue we will take below explain CNC wood router assembly and accessories situation respectively.

1. The structure of the CNC wood router bed

The structure of the CNC wood router bed

STYLECNC CNC wood router of steel used in the bed all adopt national standard products, but also according to different parts of steel bearing standard have strict requirements; 

STYLECNC CNC wood router lathe bed all through the vibration failure processing, part of the lathe bed is strict tempering annealing treatment, the treatment is to maximize the release of the steel hard power, reduce the deformation coefficient of lathe bed;

Another lathe bed hard force release after processing and pass five-axis gantry milling machine, large milling machine for processing, precision of lathe bed. Only after the processing of lathe bed, can withstand long time application without loss of accuracy.

2. Machining parts of CNC wood router

CNC wood router of machined parts is the requirement of STYLECNC-directional to grind, only such high standards to the workpiece, loaded on the machine can reduce the accumulation in the process of machine assembly precision value, otherwise the machine will use the pad in assembly process, use for a long time down the precision of the machine is greatly reduced. 

It is also a machine to buy cheap, with precision can also be at the beginning, but after a year of precision is large than before.

3. The assembly standard

In STYLECNC sculpture between locomotive as you can see, each machine assembly is inseparable from the various measuring tool, rather than by the feeling of assembly assembly machine, it is only through strict checks can assemble the qualified machine assembly, and late in the use of the machine will not appear in the process of deadly hot issues.

4. Circuit and electric parts

CNC wood router line is also decides the service life of the machine and the price on the one hand, these are also the buyer pay little attention to projects.

To sum up, even if the same configuration of CNC wood router, the price gap is big, is affected by a lot of detail level.

License: The text of "What Determines the Price of CNC Wood Router?" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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