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Three heads CNC router machine has been shipped to Morocco, and the client finished free training in factory, he is very satisfied with the machine and service.

   Mar 16, 2023    436 (2 Min Read)

Three Heads CNC Router Machine in Morocco

3 heads CNC router machine

Features of Three Heads CNC Router Machine in Morocco

1. Working area:1300*2500*200mm.

2. 3.5KW / 4.5KW spindle.

3. Taiwan Hiwin 20 square rails.

4. X, Y axis helical rack andpinion. 

5. Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw.

6. NC-studio 53C control system.

7. Vacuum table with 5.5KW pump.

8. Fulinginverter.

9. Stepper motor and driver.

10. Dust collector.

11. Tool box.

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