STL2530 CNC Wood Lathe with 4 Axis Spindle

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STL2530 CNC wood lathe can turn 300mm diameter and 2500mm length wood columns. The CNC wood turning lathe machine has 4 axis spindle for relief carving just like a CNC router.
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STL2530 CNC Wood Lathe with 4 Axis Spindle

CNC wood lathes use computer control instead of manual operation, eliminating human error, precision compensation and optimized control can be achieved through computer software, which adds flexibility to the mechanical processing equipment. Flexible machining is not only suitable for multi-variety, medium and small batch production, but also suitable for mass production. It can alternately complete the processing of two or more different parts. It adds the function of automatically changing projects and can realize unattended operation at night.

It can be clearly felt that the precision and quality of the projects processed by CNC are stable, and the error of each batch of goods can also be well controlled. CNC wood lathes improve the processing accuracy, and only need to input linkage operation in the CNC wood turning lathe machine when processing projects with more complicated processes, it can show good results. In the process of working, the stability of the quality of the project has been greatly improved, and the role of a single project is good, and the entire batch of projects, the quality is the same. In the process of operation, if you need to change other processing programs, you can complete it with only one key operation, which saves a lot of production time.

Since the precision of the CNC wood lathe machine itself is relatively high when designing, and the rigidity is relatively large when processing, the production efficiency can be 2-5 times that of ordinary machine tools by selectively using this processing technology. In the process of processing, the degree of automation of the lathe machine is effectively improved, the labor intensity of the workers is reduced, and the benefits of the workers are increased. At the same time, it can also bring more economic benefits to the development of the enterprise and reduce the operating cost of the enterprise.

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