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4th axis wood CNC router with 4x8 rotary table, two air-cooling spindles, which can work together or work independently, it is finished and ready to Vietnam.

   May 29, 2023    779 (2 Min Read)

Application of 4th Axis Wood CNC Router with 4x8 Rotary Table in Vietnam

Woodworking: wave board processing, wood door, folding screen, window, etc. various kinds of furniture products, wood door making.

Advertising: AD signs, logo making, acrylic cutting, HPL panels, advertising decorative products.

Furniture Making: wooden doors, cabinets, office and wood furniture, computer table, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, other furniture processing.

Other industries: Non-metallic mold industry, poly dragon auto mould industry processing.

Applicable Materials

MDF board, wood, organic glass, PVC board, metal, copper, aluminum, marble, crystal.

Vietnam wood CNC router

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