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                                                                                                A lot of users choose multi head CNC router because of its special features and advantages for woodworking, sign making, decorations, arts and crafts.

                                                                                                   May 29, 2023    631 (2 Min Read)

                                                                                                Multi head CNC router, as the name suggests, is a CNC router in the installation of two or more the number of spindle motor (Z axis), can achieve a carving pieces of the same work, can also be carved mirror works (symmetrical). Improve the engraving efficiency, very suitable for mass production.

                                                                                                Tips: in addition to the above-mentioned advantages, multi head CNC router also has its limitations:

                                                                                                In the case of the same size of the bed surface, the actual engraving range of the multi head cnc router is smaller than that of the single head CNC router. This is because the head needs to occupy a certain space, so in the calculation of CNC router machining size must take into account the head, there is certain to select a size larger than their own material, because the fixture needs a certain space.

                                                                                                In addition, the multi head CNC router is also higher than the price of a lot of products.

                                                                                                Therefore, to remind the majority of customers, in the purchase of CNC router, do not blindly choose multi head CNC router. Determined to buy multi head products, must be asked in detail about the actual carving range, do not have the same dimension of the bed surface of the single head CNC router machining scope identified as long CNC router machining range.

                                                                                                License: The text of "Multi Head CNC Router Features & Benefits" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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